B I O G R A P H Y Andrew MacGregor

Andrew MacGregor was a finalist in the 2003 All-Japan National Music Competition and has studied shakuhachi for about 20 years.

He first heard the sound of the shakuhachi on a 70’s rock and roll recording by Leon Russell, and was captivated by its strong sound and the depth of feeling it conveyed. Andrew became passionately interested in the music handed down through the Zen Buddhist tradition. In 1993 Andrew changed the course of his life and traveled to Japan where he spent an intensive study period. This brief passage from his life is described in the book “There’s So Much More to Life then Sex & Money” by Sue Calwell and Daniel Johnson.

He recorded "Nesting of the Cranes", traditional duets for shakuhachi, with Riley Lee in 1994 and "Music for Guitar & Shakuhachi - Album One" with classical guitarist Marion Schaap in 1998. "Four Shakuhachi Mediations" released in 1999 combines the power of Zen meditations with instruments such as clarinet, cello, harmonic singing, voice, keyboards and textures.

Andrew’s 2001 CD release, "Ren-Men", is collaboration with award winning koto player Miho Yamaji from Japan. This is a collection of pieces they performed during their acclaimed 2001 tour of Australia.

Andrew MacGregor is one of a small number of shakuhachi players selected to appear in the finals of the 2003 all-Japan National Music (Hõgaku) Competition (for Traditional instruments).

Andrew MacGregor’s latest CD “Mizuho” sees the shakuhachi taken firmly into the realm of classical music. Together with 21 string koto player Haruko Watanabe from Shikoku, Japan, they present a collection of the music Andrew and Haruko performed in their New Year Concert Series in Australia in 2003.

An experienced performer, Andrew lives in Lilydale, Victoria. He also conducts workshops and is dedicated to teaching the shakuhachi.

Website: http://www.japanworldmusic.com
email: andyshak@japanworldmusic.com