B I O G R A P H Y Anne Norman
Anne Norman
B.Mus., Dip.Ed. (Melb Univ), MA (ethnomusicology) (Monash)
Anne is a composer and performer of shakuhachi. Originally trained on flute, Anne took up the shakuhachi in 1986 in Kobe under Nakamura Shindo and later studied under Tajima Tadashi in Osaka. In 1990 she received a two year grant from the Japanese Government to study shakuhachi with Yamaguchi Goro at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Anne works as a freelance musician in collaborative improvisation and contemporary Australian music for shakuhachi in combination with a variety of other artists. She has performed in major arts festivals in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and in Norway and Estonia. In Japan, Anne has performed in numerous concerts including two recitals of her own compositions for Japanese instruments.

Anne is a member of the ensemble Jouissance which places the music of Hildegard and other 6th to 13thC Latin & Byzantine chant in a contemporary framework. Her duo Questing Spirit with harpsichord gives recitals of contemporary Australian works as well as Baroque and Japanese repertoire (QS performed for PM Koizumi in 2002 in Sydney). Anne has written, directed and performed music for theatre and dance, as well as the federation bells, koto, choirs and found objects. She conducts a visiting Japanese Music in Schools program for schools throughout Australia. Anne’s music is featured on national and local radio including live broadcasts for the ABC, and she is regularly engaged as a recording artist for CDs and film.

Website: http://www.vicnet.net.au/~amncrow/
email: amncrow@vicnet.net.au

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