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Event Registration Prices      
  Registration Price (all days & all events, per person) $ 440.00 ¥ 45,000 add to paypal cart
  Spouse Registration (all days & all events) $ 200.00 ¥ 25,000 add to paypal cart
  Single Day Participation (per day, per person) $ 200.00 ¥ 25,000 add to paypal cart
Accommodation Prices  
  Dormitory room 4 nights (no a/c) (2 beds per room) $ 140.00 ¥15,000 add to paypal cart
Payment Methods
  • PayPal online (use links) Until July 21, 2004
  • Mail Check or Money Order payable to
    "Exposure Project for the Arts" Until July 21, 2004
  • Payments made after July 21 must be in cash
  • Cash payments accepted any time and at the door
Mail Checks to:
Exposure Project for the Arts
c/o Ronnie Seldin
185 W. Houston St. #2K
New York, NY 10014

  • Spouse registration is for individuals who will be accompanied by their non-shakuhachi-playing spouse.
  • Single day registration applies for one day or any part of one day, for one person.
  • Rooms are unadorned, simple, college dormitory rooms, limited availability, first come - first served.
  • Rooms are not air-conditioned so we recommend bringing a small fan for your own comfort.
  • Rooms are arranged 2 beds per room, no single rooms available. If you do not specify a roomate, one will be assigned to you!
  • Dormitory room rates are $35 per night, per bed
  • PayPal payments in US Dollars only, must be dated July 21, 2004 or earlier
  • PayPal payments will automatically include a $3.00 processing fee.

    To make a PayPal payment for an amount you wish to specify, such as a deposit, or if you want to reserve a dormitory room for less than 4 nights, or to make a donation to support the event, use this link which will allow you to enter your own payment amount and description.
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